A Few of my Favourite Food Movies

I like to think that when you have only 90-120 minutes of screen time, every frame has to count. There’s no point in showing someone peeling potatoes, or sitting down to a steak dinner, if it doesn’t also serve the plot or characters in some way. That’s why I like these–they’re all enjoyable and don’t waste any details. It helps that a couple of these, like In the Mood for Love and I am Love, are also very beautifully shot.


Bonnie and Clyde: Just looking at this still, it’s easy to see the connection between passion, physicality and violence in this movie. Gangsters and food are made for each other; someone has even written a dissertation on the subject.



Estomago: Things are looking good for drifter Nonato when he gets himself a place to stay, a job as a cook and a girlfriend…of sorts. But his passion turns sour, the knives come out, and you don’t even want to know what he ends up cooking for dinner.



I am Love: Emma, a Russian housewife living in Milan, longs to leave her dull husband for her restauranteur lover. Ukha, the traditional fish soup, plays a role.


In the Mood for Love: Every day would-be lovers Su Li-zhen and Chow Mo-wan meet at the noodle shop, forever crossing paths but never to be together.


Sideways: Remember this one? In short: two mid-life crises, a road trip through Napa Valley, and many bottles of Pinot noir. “I am not drinking any fucking merlot.



Waitress: Jenna is pregnant, poor, and living in the South with her dreadful husband. But every time things get really bad, she thinks up a new pie to bake.


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7 Comments on “A Few of my Favourite Food Movies”

  1. Stanislava says:

    What a great litlle article! Спасибо, Сара! Plus, more good movies to hunt for.

  2. Sarah says:

    Have you seen any of these, Stasya? Watch *Sideways*!

  3. Rhea Marie says:

    I recently watched a French film recently called Romantic Anonymous; chocolate plays a big role… maybe you would like it (Unless you’ve already seen it, and didn’t like it)

  4. ebbandflow says:

    You forgot Woman on Top with Penelope Cruz!

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