Weekend Reading #5: Bonjour, 2014!

Just add Negroni

Just add Negroni

I started composing this on a 15-hour journey from New York back to Ottawa. I then promptly lost interest and fell asleep, then listened to bits of an audiobook and tons of Kino. But I have returned! Now this list is complete, just in time for what I’m sure will be a weekend of very weird weather. Enjoy, lovelies!

  • Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I don’t always, through I do love dreaming up things to improve. And it’s only January 8th–there’s tons of time left for ~change~. Alain de Botton, Refinery 29, Medium, The Hairpin and Marie Forleo have some ideas that address “resolutions” from very different angles.
  • I love advice columns at any time of the year, but the recent Ask Polly and Dear Prudence are particularly worthy.
  • And speaking of Russia, I think what’s happening there in connection with Ukraine is just fascinating. An acquaintance of mine wrote a really good primer last month.
  • OK, more Russia, but on a positive note this time. A Buzzfeed list of Russian quirks. This stuff doesn’t feel that strange to me, actually. Oh, and the author writes that many Russians will “dress up” to go to the store, which they do. What they fail to mention is that when they are at home many Russians dress unbelievably casually–it was not unusual for my adult students to greet me in their pyjamas or bathrobes.
  • Growing up here in Canada, we were told never to pick wild mushrooms. And yeah, you have to be pretty careful in order not to hallucinate and/or die. But for serious, going back to Estonia or Russia to forage sounds just delightful. This piece, written by another acquaintance, makes me long for an Eastern European fall day.
  • If you really are traveling soon, you may want some tips. This article is useful, and this video will show you how to take a flight and still look fly (hah…ugh).

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