Weekend Reading #4: Modern Art Cakes, James Bond, and Soviet Cooking


Fall here has been lovely. It has been the perfect time for brisk walks, taking photos, and cozying up with a cup of tea and some good reads:

  • The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food (Книга о вкусной и здоровой пище) was a Soviet stalwart for 50 years. It was so important that there’s a whole memoir devoted to it. Interesting to note that all the “Soviet recipes” listed in this article are still very much on Russian plates today.




  • Dreaming of comforting cold-weather recipes. This would be amazing.






  • I don’t care much for James Bond, but I do like hotels


  • Next time you’re planning a trip, check out Travel Independent. It’s specific, current and, refreshingly, stays away from Europe/Australia/Thailand travel topics. It was indispensable for my trip through Asia. Also, a really comprehensive discussion of malaria…


  • I adore the New York Times DIY Handbook. It’s from two years ago, but I still love it. Some great recipes for nutella, chilli oil, and kimchi, among others.


  • Some travel tips, if your next getaway can’t come soon enough: here and here.


Have a fantastic weekend!


3 Comments on “Weekend Reading #4: Modern Art Cakes, James Bond, and Soviet Cooking”

  1. Stanislava says:

    So many very cool links, спасибо большое for sharing!

  2. Heather says:

    That sushi restaurant looks delicious, but holy cow EXPENSIVE!!! I was not expecting it to be THAT pricey, wow.

  3. Thank you for sharing my porridge recipe 🙂 And I’m enjoying looking through these pictures of English gardens, making me really wish I had my own garden.

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