My Visit to a Cat Cafe


[Me: Ahh!! I’m at a cat cafe!]

[My sister: Um…what?]

[Me: It’s exactly what it sounds like! You drink a latte and pet some cats!]

The cat cafe is a brilliant idea and I have no idea why it hasn’t come here yet. I mean, it’s the perfect concept–you can pet some extremely cute kitties without having to feed them, remove burrs from their fur, or try to vie for space in your own bed at night. It’s genius. Another glorious thing about CCs is that you get the chance to pet so many different kinds of cats–Siamese, Persian, Maine Coon, and my favourites, the beautiful Russian Blue.

My little favourite. So hard to get a photo of this beautiful Russian Blue

My little favourite. So hard to get a photo of this beautiful Russian Blue

When I went to Seoul I had three things on my list: 1) Spend time with my dear friend Mae, 2) Buy some crazy Korean makeup, and 3) Go to a cat cafe. There were actually many more of these cafes than I thought. I went to Tom’s because it had good write-ups, but anywhere you find in swish Itaewon or Hongdae are good bets.

Cat lady. Like me!

Cat lady. Like me!

Tom’s seems to take things extremely seriously: you remove your shoes, sanitize your hands, put your handbag in a white plastic bag and then come in. It’s the equivalent of about $7 to enter, but you get a free coffee and there’s wifi (duh). I was really pleased to see at least ten sweet, happy-seeming cats. In fact, they’d had so much attention already that I had to chase them around to pet them. Let me pet you, cats!!

The space was really nice and airy, with a bright white interior and lots of helpful information so you don’t accidentally hurt a cat. They’re open till 11 every night (though don’t try coming before 1) and are located on the third floor, 358-125, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul-si.

I have no idea what this says. Maybe something like "Hello! I am cute. These are our hours:"

I have no idea what this says. Maybe something like “Hello! I am cute. These are our hours:”

All those cats were cute, it’s true, but nothing beats our young Christopher here two Christmases ago. Here he is, ignoring his perfectly nice cat bed in favour of…a box.




4 Comments on “My Visit to a Cat Cafe”

  1. erinsizer says:

    That is a great concept!

  2. Wow! Aw, I really really really wanna go! I recently had to give up my cat (he was a russian blue too but a burmese) and I miss the company of cats so much. These cafes should be everywhere, they would be so popular 🙂

  3. One of my favorite things to do at home is visit the local animal shelter, which is (sadly) swarming with cats. The minute I sit down they have a contest to see how many can fit in my lap at once.

    Gotta love cats and their boxes. And sinks. Does Christopher like sinks?

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