Barcelona Beach Days


Barcelona is perfect for a quick getaway: cute hidden cafes, a cosmopolitan mix of Spanish, Catalan, and English.

Oh, and the BEACH.

I hadn’t been to the beach in something like two years, so it was a welcome return. And a good way to use up the SPF 50 I keep buying.

When we weren’t sunning ourselves, we managed to get a look at the city. As you probably well know, the architecture in Barcelona is super opulent and striking. The art nouveau structures of Gaudí and Montaner dot the city with colour and pattern–like La Sagrada família and Montaner’s Palau de la Música. Impresionante, sí?

I can’t wait to get back, but until then,¡Hasta luego, Barcelona!




2 Comments on “Barcelona Beach Days”

  1. Stanislava says:

    Как красиво!

  2. pollyheath says:

    So beautiful! Love the ceiling photo.

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