Weekend Reading #2


Last weekend’s surprise ride on the museum train of the metro

The rain that we should have had at the beginning of the month is now pouring down on us. But that doesn’t matter; a weekend full of Cafe Pushkin and making this lovely cake await. In the interim, here’s some eye candy:

Indeed. Do you all love Thomas Barrow as much as I do?

If you pack up your things for an ashram in India, are you set to go mad and vanish?

I kind of can’t wait to get back to Canada. Butter tarts!

Another reason: a Miami-style pool bar in Toronto.

Something I learned during my Catholic girls’ school days: female friendships might be the most important relationships you ever have.

The most unimportant relationship will probably be with that fellow you have a date with tonight. I love these dating stories, especially, cruelly, the ones that end badly.

90 years ago next month, Clarissa Dalloway was walking around London, all set to buy the flowers herself. Mrs. Dalloway is still fascinating, these many years on.

We now cross the Atlantic to New York of the 1920s. I saw Gatsby last weekend, which was nice, but it also reminded me why I don’t care much for the book. Daisy, it’s true, is a victim, but she’s just dreadful.

This is good advice if you’re looking to find time to blog. Actually, it’s good advice for making the important things in your life a priority.

And Sangria. For when the weather decides not to look like this:


The coming of the next Flood, or an average rainy day? You decide!


One Comment on “Weekend Reading #2”

  1. pollyheath says:

    I will gladly sit inside and read rather than try doing anything on days like these!

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