A Moscow Cooking Class


For a blog called Bread is Best, there is surprisingly little bread on this site. When I was a student, I had but a few hours a day of class time, and the rest of the day could be devoted to letting bread dough rise and fiddling around with weird cooking ideas. Now, with my all-over-the-place teaching schedule, big kitchen projects require a lot more planning. Sometimes, when I get home at 11 after spending all day with crazy children, all I want to do is catch up with Girls. But when I saw another chance to make khachapuri, I was all in.

I had seen Taste of Russia advertised somewhere, and after doing some cooking classes abroad (here and here), I wanted to try one in Moscow. I was rather keen for Caucasian cooking, seeing as how it tends not to be so meat-heavy, and is so much harder to find outside of Russia and the CIS. Oh, and did I mention the khachapuri? Adjarian-style, with the egg on top. One of the world’s most delicious dishes.


What was also funny was that I came ready to speak Russian, only to be met by a girl from California and Victoria, our lovely instructor with the perfect English. Victoria was extremely welcoming and helpful; indeed, I might finally have gotten my vegetable-cutting technique down! And the food we made with her was great: lobio, a cold walnut-kidney bean appetizer, and chicken chahohbili (chicken in spiced tomato sauce), plus lovely dolma and some wine. I had but a few sips of wine (off to teach children, remember), and had to snatch up my still-hot khachapuri to take on the metro, but let me tell you, later on that day, it was the ultimate break-time snack.


2 Comments on “A Moscow Cooking Class”

  1. Heather says:

    Whenever I see Caucasian I always think “white people” instead of “people from the Caucasus”. 🙂

  2. It was delicious!! Thanks again for the bite, Sarah))

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